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United States Immigration Resources of Interest

Government Agency Links

US Citizenship and Immigration Services
provides extensive information about immigration laws and the immigration process, with links to other sites with more relevant information.

The US Department of State provides extensive information on immigrant and nonimmigrant visas, on US Citizenship,
and on immigrating to America through the annual Diversity Lottery. The Department also provides useful information on port of entry issues.

The US Customs and Border Patrol is the agency is responsible for port of entry inspections. Links to this agency provides information on Admission Procedures and Deferred Inspection Procedures for people traveling on immigrant or nonimmigrant visas to the United States.

The ICE Office of Detention and Removal is responsible for arresting and detaining foreign nationals who are in removal proceedings. At their website you can look up the location of their Detention Facilities and Local Offices and you can use the OnLine Detainee Locator to find out where your loved one is being held. You can also learn about Detainee Rights and Detention Standards.

The Executive Office for Immigration Review, which houses the Immigration Courts as well as the Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA) conducts immigration court proceedings and appellate reviews of both immigration judge decisions and some USCIS decisions. This informative site has an excellent Virtual Law Library as well as links to the Immigration Court Practice Manual and the BIA Practice Manual.

The US Department of Labor provides a comprehensive website on programs related to hiring foreign workers, including the PERM program for sponsoring workers for permanent residency. In addition the Departments excellent Legal Resource website provides information on laws and regulations, judicial decisions regarding labor certifications, and official job descriptions and wage information.

The Office of Refugee Resettlement provides information about assistance for children and families who are Refugees or Asylees. This agency also serves Cubans and Haitians, Amerasians, victims of Human Trafficking or Torture, and Unaccompanied Alien Children.

The Social Security Administration provides helpful information regarding social security benefits for immigrants, non-immigrants, and refugees and asylees on their website, which includes a Multi-Language portal. This website also provides information on Receiving Benefits if you are Outside the United States.

The Internal Revenue Service provides extensive information and guidance on tax issues for immigrants and non-immigrants on their International Taxpayer web page.

Links to Government Forms

Immigration Court and BIA Forms

Deportation and Removal/ICE Forms